Your story sells

Brand Identity is the visuals that make your client base recognize you: think logos, colors, and fonts. It also includes other visuals like photography style, aesthetic, the tone of voice of the content you put out there. This is a wonderful place to start! We can help you build it from scratch. We can also help polish or build upon your existing brand identity expanding past a simple logo.  

Brand Management

It is simple - You have an idea that turns into a business you are passionate about and people need to know why you are the best they can get. You get yourself a logo and a website - end of story.  If only!  Countless hours and years of experience go into the work you do, so why should you have to be a marketing, design, and social media expert too?  

Brand Management allows us to take the reins on your brand, so you can focus on running your business. What you will be left with is a complete story that reflects the absolute best of your brand in a complete and consistent way - no more fliers and social media posts where you search the internet for the newest trend or run with a Canva pre-made template. 

Your business is your heart - your brand identity is your voice. We will help your clients hear you loud and clearly!  


Not your typical church brand. We gave Lee's Summit Community Church a modern and approachable brand identity. The logo mark embodies the prominent "LS" in the Lee's Summit community, as well as hinting at a finger print and ripples to portray their vision for spreading out to reach their community. We manage this brand and you can see the consistency between social media, merch, signage, and building interior design.


Lullaby of Hope had a brand identity when they came to us. We then built upon that, creating new digital art, printed pieces, product labels, photography, video, and a custom mailer box design. We brought their brand identity and vision into everything they promoted online and into the boxes they sent out so that anyone who comes across their product will have a unique experience related to their brand.


Motus Ninjas is premier brand in the ninja world. The innovation within their gyms deserves to be shown in a professional and exciting way. We have started to help them expand their brand and manage their content through high quality photography, video production, exciting imagery, and merch designs. It's an exciting time as we continue to explore new ways to help Motus Ninjas shine!