This is a blooming passion for me! I have always loved film. Every time I get to do a new video project I get more and more hooked! Check out my video portfolio on Vimeo or view my reel below.


I was able to manage and perform the rebranding of Lee's Summit Community Church and I am currently the art director. We did not want it to look like a typical church brand. It needed to be something that blended in with the culture of Lee's Summit. 'LS' is a large part of the city's "branding" so we wanted to pull that into the idea of saturating the city with the good news. The lines are similar to topography, revealing how the church would like to spread throughout the city. We were then able to play off of the line curves for our students and a special annual series called "At the Movies".


One of my favorite things! I really enjoy the process of coming up with a new and fresh take on a brand and executing it into a reality. Here are a few examples of rebranding projects I have worked on.

Product Design

I had the pleasure of doing this box design for Lullaby of Hope. It was a great new challenge to produce something in 3D and also consider the typical design aspects. I was a part of designing many of the elements in this box.


Motus Ninjas has given me the opportunity to do some action photography for a newer sport that my entire family loves! As you may be able to tell, it is no easy task to capture kids and adults flying through the air at top speed!

Contact me

If you would like to hire me or have any questions, please email me at If you'd like more information about my work experience, here's my resume below!