Help Max Go to the WNL Worlds Competition!

Create-A-Course Ninja Fundraiser

Each obstacle paid for will be added to create the ninja course Max will run. He will start with a time of 2 minutes and each donation made adds 10 seconds to his run time.

Repeat obstacle donations will be added as a skills challenge after the course. In other words...let's wear out the Ghost Ninja and help him prepare to beat the best of the best in the world!

Pledge an obstacle below!

Donations can be made up until the competition, but if you want to help create the course please submit your request by June 12!

Watch Max run the fundraiser course live on Facebook on June 13 at 10am. (The video will be available to watch later as well.)

What is this for?

Max has been training and competing in Ninja Warrior since he was 5 years old with the name "Ghost Ninja". Each year, he competes in the World Ninja League (WNL) to qualify for the Worlds Competition, which is the equivalent of the Olympics for ninja warriors around the world.

Max has been number 1 in his age group in the Heartland Region for the last 3 years!

All contributions go toward sending Max to the World Ninja League Worlds Competition in Greensboro, North Carolina from June 20-25, 2024.

If you want to watch Max compete at Worlds, most of his competition course runs will be livestreamed on the World Ninja League Youtube Channel.

Kelley will announce via Facebook post when his run times have been announced.